At Victoria Speech and Language Centre we provide assessment and treatment services for children and adults at our new centre in Colwood. We also provide home sessions throughout Greater Victoria and Sooke. We provide an initial complimentary consultation to discuss your or your child’s needs and how we can help.

If your child is on a waitlist for speech and language services at your local health unit, it can be beneficial to get started with private therapy in advance. Has your child been receiving speech and language therapy in their school but not meeting their goals? You may consider a block of private intensive therapy to achieve these goals faster.

We also provide individual and small group therapy for children, teens and adults with Autism or Asperger’s focusing on social communication skills. We follow the Social Thinking® curriculum and help individuals navigate the social world around them.

For those who have finished the publicly funded block of speech and language therapy through VGH and would like to explore further therapy or maintenance, contact us to discuss options. We treat: