Social Communication Groups

Victoria Speech and Language Centre offers a range of groups that are geared to help with the social/emotional and pragmatic language development of children and teens. These groups are run for preschool and school aged children and teens who may have social communication difficulties often paired with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger's.

Pragmatic language refers to the social use of language. Many children with a diagnosis of ASD have strong language fundamentals: grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure but have difficulty using these language skills effectively in social situations.

Our group programs aim to help children develop their social skills, social learning, flexible thinking and pragmatic language based on Social Thinking® developed by world- renowned speech pathologist, Michelle Garcia Winner ( Our preschool and school aged programs help children recognize, understand and respond to both verbal and non-verbal social communication and how to monitor and adapt in social situations. These programs help them to build and maintain relationships and friendships.

For our preschool children, we use play as the vehicle for helping them learn to relate to others and to develop social skills through ‘doing’. For older children and teens, the emphasis is on establishing and maintaining friendships and developing an understanding of the ‘social’ world.

If you have any concerns about your child’s communication, social interaction, friendship or general language skills, contact us for more information regarding how our social communication groups can make a difference.